Outstanding Buyers Agent

My wife Monika and I met Monica Gibson in February 2013 at an Open House as we were starting our search for a home in Northern Virginia. We immediately felt a connection and soon signed on to work with her exclusively. We were impressed with her knowledge and attention to detail, and these traits carried over as she was an instrumental part of our search over the next 2+ years in finding our current home. Along the way, Monica was full of patience and good advice as we spoke regularly and met up on weekends for open houses. For all our meetings, Monica always had a detailed listing of all the houses we would be looking at, complete with all the data my wife and I wanted to know and add to our ever growing spreadsheet tailored to our search. While we may not have been the “typical” clients – our search lasted over 30 months and we were ourselves very active in providing listings that interested us – Monica’s commitment to assisting us never wavered. Our relationship with her transcended into friendship, as we learned along the way that there is no “perfect” house, but rather one that meets (to the greatest extent) the needs of those seeking it. Monica’s guidance and expertise were an even greater asset and necessity as we moved into the negotiation and contractual phases of the home buying process. Even after we have moved and settled in, Monica still continues to provide us with tips for home ownership, decor, and furnishings. My wife and I remain in contact with Monica and would strongly recommend her to others who are looking for their Northern Virginia home.Less

— monikaandjay